Exclusive Escorts

Exclusive escorts

Exclusive escorts? What does that  even mean? I think for everyone that means different things. I can only talk about what an exclusive escort means to me.

The whole concept of exclusively depends on your interpretation. Escorts who have high standards, present exceptionally well, are skilful, confident and provide a superior experience all – round. Their rates are usually higher too, and that does a play a role in their exclusively. it is not enough to charge higher rates if you don’t deliver. If you don’t deliver what you promise you will not build your regular clientele. It means no matter how exclusive you want to make your time and service, unless you provide a superior experience, you will not be successful.

Exclusive escorts do not see gentlemen for half hour. If there is anything that spells ” low rent” is a half hour availability. Yes, I do know for some ladies especially when touring, half hour appointments are favourable. Even so, it takes away of exclusively if you want to retain that standard. Someone that wishes to see you for half an hour is only interested in a quick service not an experience. A discerning gentleman would never make an appointment for a half hour service. It is so clinical and unmemorable. Furthermore, half hour client is transient. He will not be a good long term prospect for a “regular” meetings.

This is only my personal view. Its not set in gold, and doesn’t mean I am right. But it is my viewpoint. And it is my blog 🙂

Exclusive Escorts cater for specific type of gentlemen. Usually professionals, and mature with life experiences under their belt. They re almost always gentlemen, who care about your experience as much as their own. They usually become loyal clientele, and once you have got to know each other better, the experience is on a whole new level.

You really do become friends, lovers although underlining is the fact that it is a business relationship. With blurred lines of course where it is mutually rewarding for both of you. Financially rewarding for you. it is an uncomplicated adult relationship.

Exclusively can sometimes come at a short term price. it does not mean you will always be busy initially.. But in time, that does change. Once you have an established rolodex of clientele, everything falls into place. Don’t be tempted to lower your standards.

Stephanie Hunter


Melbourne Elite Escort