How to contact an escort

How to contact an escort

You wouldn’t think a virtual manual needs to be written on how to contact an escort, but I think its really important, because so many of you don’t seem to have an idea how to approach us. Its not rocket science, and many know exactly how to do this, but such a large number have no clue whatsoever.

Today has been one of those challenging days for me where I had to sift through endless inquiries, and although i am sure some of those inquires were genuine and the gentlemen were lovely, I didn’t see that from the manner in which i was approached.

Why does it seem so hard for some of you to send an inquiry that we will take seriously, and more importantly want to entertain and see you? Because we are escorts, it does not mean we will see every one of you. Some of you seem to have a self entitlement attitude, but often you will find that the lady will not entertain your inquiry for very specific reasons.

It is not enough to just send an email or a text. First impressions do count so how you approach us will be a direct result in what response you receive.

Helpful hints

  1. Don’t send an email or a text with ” Hello how are you?” 80% of us ladies will ignore you, as a “time waster”. Imagine getting 20 text messages a day from random callers with ” Hello” only. You simply get blocked. And if you are a genuine caller, you will be puzzled why you were blocked and immediate form the impression that the lady is not friendly. That is not the case. But time is money. She will not spend an hour texting you back and forth because you are bored during your taxi shift and wants some free text entertainment. We tend to pick that up very quickly.
  2. Take the time to read the lady’s website, or social media account before contacting her. Many times, questions which you may have will be answered already. If you contact her with questions she has already answered on her website, she will be annoyed. It shows a lack of interest in getting to know the lady you wish to spend time with, and her requirements. You come across as flaky immediately.
  3. Please refrain from using terms of endearment as such ” honey, sweetie, love, gorgeous, sexy etc” with the lady on first contact. Its condescending. I personally at that point lose interest in seeing you. Yes, true.
  4. If you are interested in seeing a lady, observe the manner she has requested to be contacted. Some ladies prefer text only, some only email, some state do not call after a certain time. It shouldn’t be that hard to follow instructions. We are all different, and the words we have written on our websites and advertisements are not there just to fill in the space. They are there to provide information for you. If you want to be taken seriously, then follow instructions. They are not that difficult and elaborate. Many are common courtesy and common sense. But common sense doesn’t seem to be that common anymore.
  5. Providing adequate notice, and showing genuine courtesy and manners will get you everywhere. Ladies will take your query seriously. Be specific with your inquiry. Introduce yourself. State the time/date /duration you would like to see the lady. Inquiry on her availability. Don’t negotiate her rates. if you cannot afford her rates, then seek the services of another lady whose rates fit in with your budget.
  6. Remember gentlemen, this is our business and our business is your pleasure! We answer many calls/inquiries during the day and we sift through unappealing queries more than appealing ones. Don’t be one of those unappealing queries.
  7. Stephanie Hunter